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Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 Teacher's Day

IQA's Cake
The 4 Js
Jie Lin & Jane

Yanni and company
Fizah IQA
The time of the year is here again. Well, I must say this year I had the most "outstanding" year. First time in my teaching profession, my own class did not give me a single stuff. I am not asking for gift but a card will usually make me very happy. But that's not done. I was really upset. Not because I received no gifts, I did, from so many other students. But your form class is like your own child and its like they have no feeling for you, really sad. Untill now I still cannot get over this feeling.
Although my own class did not show any appreciation, lucky of Liming, she had personally given some stuff ( I have not opened them) and Peck Hoon and Sandy too. I know lately I had been quite harsh on Sandy because of her attendance. By giving a small gift, I know she is not angry at me. After all, its for her own good.
Thank God for IQQ and IQA, they made me felt loved. Q had drawn a large card for me and A had a cake for the staff who teaches them. It helps to make up the emptiness I felt from my class. I love them not because of the cake or the gifts, but that the little thought that boost my morale.
Of course, there were others who made my day. The first should be Samantha. She came on 24 Aug to gave us each a chocolate. Talked about this girl, I had never taught her and in school, we hardly had anything cross path. But somehow after graduation, we get to know each other and she will never fail to send me messages and concerns. I was very touched by such student. I really wish her all the best in whatever she does.
Then last Friday, Yani, Nanthini, Hidayah and Suba came to school I was so happy to see them. They were all studying and doing good. Today I heard the good news from Nanthini that she will be going into TP this October, great!!!! They are really a sweet class, it seems like all the IQO I taught were very good class. Like Kok Wei, Catrina, Isablle and company, thou I don't teach them anymore, they never fail to show me their appreciation.
Today, I met Weng Chuan, Gina and Marven. They had graduated more than 6 years and lucky I did not go down to Macpherson, if not they would be shocked to see an empty staff room. Of course, my precious IQO Jie Ling and Jane also came down. Jie ling looks good, cos her exam is over. Out of the 4 Js I have in the class, only 3 still keep in touch, they had totally lost touch with Jasmine Goh. Hope she is doing well.
Then, during lunch I saw my kai xin guo Qian Ping with Amutha and Ganga. They were so caring and Qian Ping baked some cream puff for me. I am so glad now she is doing so well in the Culinary course in TP. So is Amutha and Ganga, one in NP and the other in NYP. All my babies are growing and doing well and that makes my day.
Last but not least, the never die IQP(so different from my present IQP). They had never failed to meet me to visit me even after they had graduated for more than 2 years. Shu Yu and Subrina came down and I was really happy to see them. Well, thanks to all those who sent me sms too like Siew Ling, Wilson, Fish.
Its okay, I will get over this feeling probably after a good sleep. Well, at least my husband bought a LCD TV for me and I can enjoy watching shows without having to wear my glasses. To all of you who are reading this, love you and miss all of you.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

First wedding in the families

Nicolette The 2 Yus : Nicolette and Jean

7 Aug 09, my nephew Timothy Su married his 12 years' girl friend Valerie. When I heard 12 years, I guessed they were church friends. When I first met my husband, he was only 1 year old and botak. So I use to call him botak when he was younger.
Lucky its our school ND celebration so I could take half day leave to attend his wedding in the church. Its a totally refreshing time where I also recall my vow to my husband. I think if any of my kids get married, I am sure to tear!!!!! Love the small little things they arranged e.g. each guest was given a fan, cos the church is classified as heritage so no renovation was allowed. But the most surprising was Timothy wore a pair of white sneakers. I think he look really shiao lor!!!! But some of the old folks were commenting about his shoes.
Lunch was spanish food, trust him to have such arrangement, or may its Valerie's choice. Love the cocktail cos is with dash of alcahol. You know lah, I love to drink of course I will go for it. Waited so long for the tea ceremony and sadly, from the mother side we were the only representative. I am glad we came to show him our support and love. He has only 2 uncles and 1 aunty from the mom side and only one uncle (us) stayed. The othe aunty came and rushed off. Aiya, don't say lah, its always like that lor.
Anyway, dinner was at Regent hotel. Too bad my 2nd son Nicodemus had NUS basketball seletion, so he could not come. This is the first time the family came together after my Mother-in-law passed away 1 year ago. Tim was also choked up when he said he wished his grandmother was here. Took a few photos with the nieces but no chance to take with the groom's bro and sis cos they were all busy helping out. When he gave us the photos, I will sure to share with all of you. My mom was so happy, even though its not her grandson, but she was the one who gave them their Chinese name.
I told my husband, I must start to watch my weight and start to loose some if I don't want to look like his sister on stage. So bad hor, but its a signal to me. Who knows, 5 years down the road I may be standing there with one of my children. Haha, deep down I wish they will stay with me lor!!!!!

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fulfilling his dream

My eldest son, Nickluas finally fulfilled his dream on Sunday. He completed his triathlon on 2 Aug 09. Thank God nothing happened to him cos this morning, I read in the newspaper one CEO of a company died after the swimming portion.
He had always wanted to do this and because of his heart problem, we are not that supporting. But since the doctor said he could do all kinds of exercise just like normal and this year, he decided to sign up. And he DID IT!!!!
So proud of him and his determination. Wish I am like him, I am not so focus and may be thats why my 2nd son Nicodemus is like me.

Proud mother signing off.

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Birthdays Aug 09

Aug there are 2 birthdays, Siew Ling, Sharon and Yiting. Yihong tried very hard to arrange a gathering cos all of us are so busy. Finally the date was set on 26 Jul 09 after the fund raising thing. But I was given the task of buying present for the 3 girls. Okay lah, since Yihong is busy with her Poly work and I love all these girls, okay lor!!!!
Bought the presents on 25 after the stupid fund raising and within 1 hour, bought for all 3. Not bad ah!!!!
So surprise to see Willy there. He is now serving his NS BUT he never seems to lose weight. Of course lah, police where got difficult one. Anyway, they waited for me and we had lunch at 3.15pm at Pizza hut. Well, after this gathering, I am sure it will be a long time before we meet up again. Each one of us will be busy with our own stuff so each meeting is precious time spent.
Wish all my 3 birthday girls a happy year ahead and stay beautiful always.

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