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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Birthday - continued

Well, you can call it a continuation of my Birthday reports. Was trying to get all the photos and show to all of you. Actually this year I had a wonderful birthday compared to last year. I had so many people sending me birthday wishes and QP's beautiful video. Until today she still don't want to tell me how to save it. I wanted to share with all of you here but cannot. QP, when are you going to teach me to save the video you made? Like that cannot share with my firends you know!!!!

All the gifts I received this year are all purple. Nothing but purple, purple hand bag, purple earings, purple necklace and bracelets, purple cards. I think I will be sick of Purple for the time being. But I love all the gifts I received. Especially the card where Yi hong and Siew Ling did where I had such good figure in bikini, so not true loh!!! Also, the one did by Sharon where Zhang Dong Liang was kissing me, aiyo, deifnitely not true loh!!!! But no harm dreaming right, even though I am old. Haha. Thanks girls.

Christina sent me a card a pooh towel. Even Lionel sent me a card all the way from Australia. Love the card, it would be better if they are dogs. Anyway, thanks to all fo you who made my birthday and memorable one.

I Bought Sushi for dinner to celebrate me and my childdren's Godma birthday. Still cannot forget the dragon roll, its so delicious loh.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Birthday

20 Mar 09, I turne
d 56. At first I thought I will not be enjoying my birthday because of Benji. But, it turned out this year's birthday was more fun than last year. I remembered last year we were at Kuching and the same group of people celebrated for me. Like Siew Ling said, this year the cake is bigger than last year. Haha, its not the size of the cake but the thought and the people that makes the difference.
First, it was Qian Ping and Yvone who gave me the surprise when they turned up in school on 18 Wed with a cake from Po
lar. As usual, Qian Ping created lots of laughters and we had lunch together. Too bad I have to report for work, otherwise will sit there and chit chat with them till evening.

I took half day leave on 20 cos need to go back and prepare dinner for myself and my children's Godma whose birthday is 21. But before that, I went out lunch with Siew, Yihong, Sharon and Willy. Sharon made a big card for me and I was so shy cos got one photo Nicholas kissed me.
Aiyo, I so old liao still do this type of photo, pai seh sia!!!! But I really love the cards they gave me. We had lunch at Seoul Garden and all of us came out smelling like burnt meat!!!!

I will really missed them now that they
are 'officially' graduated from Bishan. Just hope that they will be like Lionel's group who continued to meet up with me at least once a year. By the way, both Siew and Lionel are from IQO, both are progression students. No wonder they are so 'alike'.
Received many well wishes in Facebook and Friendster. All from my ex and present "babies". Some even sent card as far as from Australia, of course its from Lionel. How I wish the card he gave are dogs and not cats. Well, the cats were okay especially the one holding handbag.

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Benji - my Maltese

On 12 Mar, Thursday, when I reached home at around 6pm, I heard my maid crying away in her room. The first thought that came to my mind was something had happened to her sick mother. But when I asked her what happened, she said "Benji lost!!!!" My mind just go blank. How could it be. Trying to figure out what happened but with her broken English, I couldn't even make up the time Benji was lost. Finally she said there was once she did not closed the gate, BUT, Benji was not there!!!! I almost fainted. The dog had no legs, so will not walk out is it? I was really upset so I screamed at to my sons upstiars and non of them knew Benji was lost. Cos they all just came home. But they were very sweet, immediately Nickluas on his bike, Nicodemus on his motor bike, they went out to look for him. I also sent my maid out again to see if she could find him.
Well, there's no sign of him. I sms a few friends to ask them what to do and so on. After prep
aring the dinner, I had no appetite to eat, when Nico asked me why I am not eating, my tears just start to roll down. I missed my dog already. When Mei Mei called, I told her the bad news. She seems to be able to hold it better than me. Then, Siew Ling called about the Co-Op and I started crying again. I know I am very bad in holding back emotion and tears. So thats it for the night. I was quite prepared not to see Benji anymore.

Friday in school was liked hell. The minute I step into the staff room, my friend asked me whether I had found Benji, I just could not control my tears. So they all tried their best to help me find infor on lost and found procedures. Not only that, they also "block" people from asking me question. The mention of Benji will make me cry. Anyway, I was not well too. Still have to fininshed my marking, struggled very hard but could not take it anymore. Came back to staff room and rest, Siew Ling sms me about Benji, I cried again. Left for home at about 2pm. The minute I reached home, I threw out the food I had taken in the morning. Then I slept till evening when Nicklaus came home.
I felt better after that, I ate a bit of dinner with him. But the thought of Benji really made me sad. I realised thru this incident that my husband really love me although we do fight once in a while. He actually brought me and my daughter to the Pasir Ris farmway dog house to look for a new puppy. He had actually done his research, ie how much does a dog cost in town and at the farmhouse. He still wanted a Maltese, but both my daughter and me did not want to be reminded ot Benji, so we choosed a Silky Terrie, a cute litte brown puppy. But, we could not bring him home till 2 weeks later. So for the time being, we just have to lived without a dog. I avoid talking to my maid, cos the sight of her made me think of Benji. Come Monday, i went back to school feeling much better and "stronger", i.e. tears could be controlled. Then my friend told me to check SPCA lost and found cos she saw one dog that looks just like Benji. So I sms my husband to check it out. To my surprise, 10 minutes later he sms me "Benji is found. The Caltex workshop owner brought him home. Lodged a report with SPCA. Benji will be home tonight". I cried again, this time it was tears ot happines. I sms all my children and their first question was "how about the new dog!" Well, although my husband wanted to cancel the dog, but I have decided to keep it. At least Benji will have a play mate too.
When they sent him home on the 16, he was "angry" with us! Why didn't you looked for me earlier? When did you abandon me? But he was skinny, so we fed him so much until I have to stop my children, lest he overate and vomit. Well, as long as he is back, he can get angry for all I care. I know, tomorrow he will still be the same Benji.
I must really thanked William for acting so fast and finding lost dog. Next time I will tell him first (no more next time loh!!!!) Also all of those who tried to console me (* but not successful loh!) Will show you my new dog - my son named him Shinji - when I collect him one week from now.

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