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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Two weeks of holidays is gone. What did I do for the past 2 weeks? Not much. But did my normal paper work so that when school starts, I don't have to rush.

Last Friday attended a half day seminar call "Y U so like that!" and glad to have this opportunity to learn some new terms.

My mother's generation - maturing/ traditional

My generation - Boomers (baby boom after World War II)

60's to 70's - Generation X

My children's generation aka my students' generation - Generation Y

2000 onwards - Generation Z

Well, the focus is on Gen Y, you guys. So it explained the kind of attitude you guys have and its quite enjoyable. Very funny, the lecturer was asking what were the things we don't like about our students and one participants sakd : late coming. So while the lecturer was writing it on the paper-always late, one of my colleague walked in; 15 mins late. I was laughing inside (I know this is bad),but I can't help it. She is always late no matter what, be it to class, to other functions, to meetings and even during the last Student's Seminar. Very Pai seh loh, here we are nagging at our students for coming late, and there she behaved like that. I wondered what she was thinking when she walked in and saw the lecturer writings!!!!!?????

Saturday when shopping with my daughter. She was like shopping with no limit. After almost half a day, she bought (I paid) so many lingerie, 3 dresses, one pair of shoes and some perfume. What to do, who asked me to have only one daughter, of course very sayang her loh!!!! But I did buy something for my 2 sons also. Being a mother, you will not forget all your children be it 1 or 5 they are all your darling. So you guys don't go round saying your parents are bias.

Decided to take 2 days leave. Today plan to bring my mom to J 8 eat the Ting Tai Feng. She is 86 this year, so must spend some quality time with her.

Sian, few more days must go back to face the class again. Yihong, happy la, one week more for you.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Class Bondings

I just realised the last time I updated my blog was in May 26. During term time, its not easy to do that. Now its school holidays and we still need to report for work, I have more time for my personal stuff.

June is a busy time cos all of us need to spend the money on class bonging before end of July. So,many classes had it in school before the vacation. But my darling IQP must have it during the first day of holiday : BBQ at east coast park. Well, thanksto Peck Hoon, Yiwen, Aidie and Liming, if not for them, I cannot imagine how the BBQ would turn out to be. Out of 32 students, only 21 turned up. Its so sad loh!!!!! But, those who don't come for lessons come for the BBQ, funny right!!! You can say I am sacarstic, but I am just writing out my feeling aloud.

Although we did not have any games, but they had their own small groups doing their own "thing"!!! You know, I know enough liao. Can't spell out as I still have to maintain my status as a lecturer loh!!!!!

Miss my IQO bonding last year. We had it at Sentosa, although 10 didn't turned up(cos they were from a different class, I understand) but we have a great time. With Yani, Hidayah and Nanthini planning the games and all, still remember the happy times with all these darlings. Miss you all heaps and hope those of you in Poly are doing great. Never give up okay!!!!

Last Friday, actually I promised Siew Ling and Yihong to go Sentosa with them. Then I was reminded that IQA had their bonding on the same day. Since I promised them first, have to say sorry to Siew Ling and go for the IQA bonding. Its at East Coast park again. This is the first time I travelled to this place twice a week. But they had a chalet, so its more cozy. Not only that, its all organised by the students, Miss Foo just have to pay for it. They even had amazing race after the BBQ. Comparing to my own class, SAD!!!!! I enjoyed myself so much although its so hot. Thank you IQA for inviting me although I am not your Class Advisor. Love you all for the positive attitude too!!!!
Well, everything is back to normal today. Not taking leave, come back to school to prepare tests and lesson notes so that IQA will not ask for more questions before the CA.
Yi Hong, when do you want to meet again ah!!!! Sorry le that day I didn't go but still can meet up before your holidays end. Miss you all soooooooooooooo much. Miss my Willy too, don't how he is doing in the army????? Poor thing, without good food, he must have lost lots of weight lor.
Call me okay if free to meet up.

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