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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Miss my IQO......

This week I had been meeting students who had graduated in Mar 09. First, Siew Ling, Yi hong and Sharon came on Monday. They stayed till almost 5pm. Too bad I can't have dinner with them.
Yesterday, I have my Co-Op duty and it happened to be the Co-Op 15th anniversary sales, so those of you who know me will guess that I actually was "sweating" throughout the 3 hours. But, the sales was scary, we fetch $1,642 just in 3 hours. So, you can imagine if its the great Singapore sales, how much money will the vendors earned.
Anyway, after that I saw Shima, Nora though they did not really talked to me. And my 3 Js also came back. I suppose there will be more today. Looking forward to meeting all my 'babies'.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dinner date with my ........

Nicklaus Nicodemus

Yesterday, my 2nd son dated me for dinner. He must be bored at home. He is still recovering from his motor accident, all are well except his bit toe and small toe. One is half gone and the small toe still have a nail sticking out. The doctor said the bone is not grown back yet, so its still in his toe. A very funny site when you see his small toe. I have yet to see his big toe, don't want to see till its all recovered. Confirm half gone loh!!!
Anyway, we met at Sake Sushi, and to my surprise my elder son also came along. Having dinner with my 2 favourite men is a joy. Thinking back 21 years ago, one was only one year old and the other only a few months old. Now, the few months old boy had grown to be taller than me and the 1 year old is now the NUS. What else can I ask for as a mom but thank God for these 2 wonderful boys.
BUT, after dinner, the 2 of them went home in my 2nd son's new bike and this old mother had to take a bus. What a joke. But if they asked me to share the bike I also dare not loh. So, don't complain.
Too happy with the son, forget to take photo of the food we eat. Next time will do that!!!!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stress-filled week

Taken in Kuching, March 2008

This is really bad planning. First and second year's CA all fall under this week. Not only that, one on Wednesday and the other on Thursday. So those of you who had gone thru ITE should know that revisions are more stressful then practices. I had to really rushed out so many papers for those harding students to do and then end up marking their papers too.

As if this is not enough, I had to give them 2 tests which means I have 3 classes of 2 tests each to mark. Siow, I really think I am mad loh. Anyway, now the 2nd year are having their CA which mean I need to only mark the 2 classes and end of this "crasy week"!!!!

Yi hong and Siew is coming down next week, I should be able to meet and chat with them now. Last Tuesday, Xian Hui and lay Peng came and I was not able to chat with them cos I was rushing to fininsh my markings.

Looking forward to the weekend!!!!!

My 2nd son Nicodemus passed his motobike 2B I think, changed his bike, not scared loh. After the accident, still want to upgrade. Just have to pray for him.

Muacks to all those reading this.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy Bees' updating blog!!!

I promised Siew Ling that I will update my blog. But really very busy with the new classes. This is when I missed my IQO, Yihong, Willy, Siew Ling, Alison, Yiting and many many, even Mah Rui Feng.

Just busy nagging at my new class which is IQP, on the 4th week of the new term, already have 4 letters to be sent out to parents. This week another 2.

Last week met Siew and Sharon for a short while. So glad to see their faces but no time to chat with them loh

Friday night went out dinner with Cristy and company. Its time like this that we update each others. Then I found out Lionel is going to Korea. That boy, instead of studying, he start to travel. How I wish I can ask him to bring back a pack of kimchi for me.

And Charlene has grown into a little devil. If Xinyi don't discipline her, I think she may become Xingyi No. 2 later. But, I didn't want to say too much, after all we are having a social gathering. She is a smart girl who knows how to play around with the mom's feelings.

Enough of that, if not I will start to analyise and give advice. Better stop.

Hope to update soon.

Oh yes, my new dog Shinji is so naughty, always bully Benji. But very lovable, cos he will play with you and even kiss you.

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