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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Buffet lunch again

Today's Childrens day and I was on leave. Not because its of that cos thats the only day my daughter is free to have lunch with me. So I took a whole day leave, also to get away from office.
But last night at bout 2am, our house got black out, I didn't get up till I felt hot, cos Air=cond is not working. Thanks to my daughter, she was helping the father by holding on to the torch light for him. So today I really woke up late, not even able to send Nicklaus off to the U.
Feels good just to laze around not doing anything. Of course, I did some packing of my table and room cos my daughter had a new study table so we had a bit of rearrangement in the room.
My husband was free so we get to be driven and he suggested Mirama Hotel cos there's Jap Buffet Lunch. Its not bad cos you ordered what you want so we really enjoyed our lunch. After lunch, we went to Mustafah to change money for next Monday's trip. Not a bad bargain. I really like Mustafah but its so cramp and crowded, managed to grap some nan and stuff that we don't get to see at NTUC.
Well, having holiday at home means cooking good food for my family. Its the same today, cos I bought nan therefore I cooked Curry. But I was too full to eat so just have a bite.
Haiz, tomorrow must go back to school. But the good thing is I took half day leave and next week I don't need to go back at all cos we will be travelling to Macau, Zhu Hai and Hong Kong. Yeepii, can't wait for the vacaiton to starts!!!!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Professional Integrity?

I wish I could kick her with this horn!!!!
Was very angry during this holidays. We know as lecturer, we have to be a good role modal to our students. We are always nagging when they are not punctual. Well, when I look at one of my colleague, I really feel very shameful to be her colleague.
First of all, she married a well to do husband, so she can actually stay home and enjoy life. But she has chosen to work. Yet, she will find all ways and means to either come late or leave early during term time.
She has this habit of havint MC before and after CNY. Or whenver there's meetings or briefing or something, she will also be on MC. When I attended a course with her, and it was conducted by outsider, she was late for 15 minutes. I feel so shameful and yet she can walk in as if there's nothing wrong.
These holidays its even worst. As usual (so stupid of us) to come punctually, infact I am still like before reaching school at about 7.20am. Our dear friend will come 30 - 45 mins late. The minute she steps into the staff room, she will start her chatting rounds. From the nearest chat till the very end. By the time she actually sat down at her place, I think its almost 1 hour later.
I really cannot take it, not only that, when she could not come to school, she will e-mail our head said she will be late collecting medicine. I wonder why she has so many medication to take????? Then one day some staff had a cycling session, she applied 1/2 day's leave but did not turn up the whole day.. Even my head was mad with her. The next day, she sms one staff to inform the Head that she is not feeling well, that means she will be on MC la. Since you know how to e-mail to come late, can't you do that for this? The best thing is my Head said until today still have not seen her MCs, cos we are suppose to submit MC on-line as well as hard copy, just like our students.
I took leave to spend time with my children and today I took half day to cook dinner for them. Our dear friend left at 11am to have lunch with her Father-in-law (so she said). I am wondering, did she come back after lunch.
Why, why, why, we go by the book and follow the regulations and she can get away with all these? The boss (not the Section Head) still think so highly of her. Why? Cos she knows how to talk and she is damn thick skin lor, haiz, better stop if not I will explode. Hope she will "retired" asap, since she always said she doesn't need to work.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lunch with 3 men in my life

Mr and Mrs Yu


Decided to take leave on 25 Sep cos thats the only day my 2 sons were free. They were having their NUS's one week break. But too bad my daughter had to work that day, so we went for our buffet lunch without her. Will have to take leave again next week to go with her.

Anyway, we went to Orchard hotel cos my husband said they have good oysters. We were craving for fresh oysters. But when we reached there, there's no sign of buffet. Later then he found out the buffet for this hotel is only avalabe on weekends.

Since we had parked our cars(motor bike for my sone) so decided to walk across the road. Its a blessing in disguise cos we went to this 6* hotel call St Regis. Its beautiful and the setting is so nice. I felt good cos I am the only lady on this table. I must say I am a proud mother at that moment. Sitting next to my tall son and across is my handsome son. Of course my husband also, but cannot compare with the young ones right. I think I enjoy the companies more than the food.

I must say the food is good too. From salad, to starter, to soup, to main course, to dessert and finally coffee or tea, its just fine dinning. Its not cheap but how often do we do this. Too bad did not take any photos, cos if I do that, my sons will say " Mom, don't be so sau koo". So there's no photos to share here.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mooncake Festival

The traditional mould

Fish before baking
My own creation
5 mins later
Now that the ghost month is over, Mooncake festival will follow soon. For the whole of the weekend and holiday, I was busy baking mooncake at home. I will prefer to make Snowskin mooncake any time cos you don't need an oven. Once its out of the mould, you can put in your mouth.
Well, it makes no difference to my son, the minute is out of the oven, he will put in his mouth. He said he like it this way, crispy and hot. By right, baked mooncake has to be put aside for at least one month before you can eat it. This is to allow the oil to come out and the whole thing will be soft. Thats why if you eat the one just came out of the oven, especially the piggy without stuffing, its as hard as a rock.

Its so tedious, 1st knead the dough and let is rest for 1/2 to 2 hours, then weigh the lotus paste and start making the mooncake.
When its in the oven, 5 minutes and you have to take out to glaze with egg. Then bake again. But when I look at the outcome, its an achievement.
The final products!!!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Char Jian Mian for the 4 Heavenly Kings


Jobel & Wanjing

This year I have 80% of the Co-Op helpers males and only very precious 3 girls. Out of these 5 boys, the day sales 4 heavenly kings are Andy (VP aka Silver Back), Johanthan (Baboon), Terence (Orang utan) and Jia Hao(Chimpanzee). As for Danny, the monkey, he is the night sale helper so but still one of them lor. So since I have so many monkies I automatic become the zoo keeper liao.Jonathan
Anywah, Jonathan has been asking for Char Jian Mian, (QP, Amu's favourite) so I have decided to cook for them on Saturday. Forgot Jonathan was from Pei Chai so of course he knew how to come to my place without any problem. For non-serangoon ppl, they always have a hard time locating my house.
Anyway, too bad Andy was sick that day so he didn't get a chance to try out this famous char jian mian. I must say its fun to have them in the Co-Op cos I have lots of "man-power" so moving stuff will not be a problem. As age is catching up, I defintely need this kind of help.
Jia Hao
Glad they enjoy the food except for Jia Hao, so scared to Shinji and yet my puppy only goes to him. Haha, what a Joke. Next term I will have a whole new team and have to say bye bye to these kings and queens. Anyway thanks for the help Andy, Jonathan, Terence, Jia Hao, Jobel, Wan Jing and Danny.
By the way, the other girl is not from Co-Op but Orang Utan's girl friend. She has special permission to join us so that Terence won't be so lonely lor.

Okay, see you guys when term start and that will be the last 6 months for us to be together so have to treasure it. Before you know it, all of you will have to say goodbye to Mama and go our separate ways.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Starting of Holidays

Its always a thrill when holidays start. But not for this year onwards, holidays or not we still have to report for work. Well, at least can clear the work station otherwise, it will be piling up like a dustbin.
Hui Xian, Lay Peng and Jie Hui decided to come down last Thursday, 17 Sep to visit us. Too bad Ms Lee was not in school but at least they get to meet some other staff. Laypeng given me a small cute vase to put the 3 roses by her. So sweet of her. On the same day, Yee Liang, Wee Rong and Wee Jia also came down to see Mrs WH Lee and me. Now we are not allowed to have students into the staff room, not even ex-students. Thats why Samantha got "chase" out of the room once. Chatting outside is not joke, you all know la, I am so afraid of heat.
That night, I have a date with Jin Hao and company to meet at Chomp Chomp for dinner. As usual, they were late. Only Shu Min and her friend was ther. At first he said the whole class will come, end up only Yu Jie and him came. Well, its okay, at least its not so noisy. So long didn't eat in Chomp Chomp liao. Never like to eat there cos of the crowd but that night was okay. Enjoyed the BBQ seafood with them.
Friday night, Dennis picked me up together with Miss Tan to the airport. We were sending them off to Australia for a 9 days' course. Whenever the 3 of us are together, we seems to go the wrong way. I remebered one year we were on our way to Tampines and it took us 1 hour to reach there cos we took the wrong turn. That night again, we miss the turn to airport and Miss Tan had to call her brother to ask for direction. Finally we were there but late. Haha, for the first time, Ms Tan cannot scold students for being late cos we were late ourselves. Wen Yuan was there with her uncle and so is Shu Min. Didn't know there's only 2 girls, so they can keep enough other company. As usual, Jin Hao and company came late again lor.
After sending them into the hall, Dennis and I had to go look for food cos both of us have not taken our dinner.
Taken some photos but its with Miss Tan, so have to get from her before I can upload.
Have to stop and cook dinner for my family.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2009 Teacher's Day

Kok Wei & Co
Shima's glasses

Mini fan

Amutha & Ganga


Nora's bear

IQQ card

Liming report book

Yanni & Co.

Aaron's necklace

2 Js frame

Yi Hong & Co.

4 heavenly king's

Its the time of the year where students show how much they love me. Well, for shoe of you who didn't gave me anything or sms me, I know that doesn't mean you don't miss me. We are all busy with our own stuff and I understand. I still miss all of you. But the reason for writing this blog is not to show off what I received but to put in memory how much love I have received this year.
The first person to visit us was Samantha. She came before that(sorry I forgot the date but its a Monday), she gave us all a bar of Chocolate. I could not take a photo of it cos its in my stomach liao lor. She is always so thoughtful even though I had never taught her in school.
Time is really catching up, I really have a hard time remembring who came when. If I am not wrong, Yanni, Hidayah, Nathani and Suba came on 28 Aug and I was so glad to see them. Well, by the time I write this post, Nathani has been accepted by TP and will be studying too in Oct 09.
31 Aug, eve of Teacher's day, IQA had a small party for staff who taught them. Although its just a cake, but its the thought that counts. Kerina gave me a flower on her own. BUT, my own form class IQP had not show of appreciation except for one person Liming. She had given a flower and massager on her own to me. Its not because she gave me all these that I said she is grateful. But even a smaller card, it would have made my day. Peck Hoon, Sandy and Liming shared a portable mini handheld fan. They know I am always hot and sweaty. Even Kok Wei and company gave me a little stuff toy even though I don't teach them this year.
All the staff were suppose to go to Macpherson for celebration but I stayed behind cos there's a repeat students coming to take the test. Lucky I stayed back, otherwise Weng Chua and Gina will not be able to find anyone. My 08 IQO 4 Js, 2 came back and Jie Ling and Jane gave me a photo we had taken a few months back. Its a personalised photo frame and I know its Jie Ling who did it cos its pink. Well differnt from 09 IQP, my 06 IQP had never failed to show them their appreciation even though they had graduated for more than 2 years. I wish they would not go to that extend to buy expensive gift. Just a card will do. These girls spending money like nobody business lor
Last but not least was my IQU and IQO babies, Qian Ping, Amutha, Ganga, Yihong, Siew Ling and Sharon. They were all studying and exam over thats how they could visit me. Qian Ping baked something for me and I love it cos its not too sweet. Amutha and Ganga gave me a tweety bird pillow.
Oh, don't forget my Godson Aaron. He gave me AFTER the holiday and good luck pendant. I always think for a boy to go out with his mother will never be a bad boy. And not all boys have this kind of thought like girls. Also my 4 heavenly king Terence, Andy, Danny and Jonathan also gave me a report book and umbrella. Never in my mind I expect them to give me something cos they are all still playful and bu xi xin!!! Thanks guys, although we don't have Co-Op from next term, I will still be teaching you and confirm I will nag at you guys.
The last was my MYOB babies Shima and Nora. They both came back to pass something to the staff and I was quite surprised I was included. Well, afterall we spent 3 weeks of our lives together day in and day out. Thanks girls for the Piglet glass and cute teddy bear from Nora.
Well enough report for this. The next one will be about my IQA's boys. Haha, wait for it guys.

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