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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

AWWA Fund Raising at J8

The fund raising project I was involved had a stall at J8 on 25 and 26 Jul09. The program is really a waste of time. According to the program, we are suppose to have a health talk at 10.30am and nothing happened. Then we are supposed to have a opening speech by some RC Chairman at 12.45pm, also never happened. the organizer just came to us and told us to help ourselves to the lunch.
Had never attended a program like this before. No participants, no officials, only plenty of workers like us. So the stall we had was like for show. At least in the afternooon when the Singapore Youth had Talents' contestant reported for the audition do we see crowd. Still, they were there to compete and not buy staff.
Was so tired Friday night forgot to tell Peck Hoon and Liming not to come. And they so sweet reported on time. Felt so bad and they stayed till about 12 before they decided to go home.
Well, one good things did happened that day. Jia Yi came with Hafizah, so sweet of them to help in our fund raising by buying stuff. Not only that, Jia yi brought along her sister, my ex IQO monitress, her sister, Xin Yi and monitor Jeffrey. Both of them had graduated for more than 5 years. So glad to meet up with them and do a bit of catching up.
In the after noon, called my ex- colleague to come and support and later went for tea at Ole' Dome at Bishan CC. Well, at least I get to meet these old students and friends that made my day worthwhile.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Dinner with the girls!!!

Last night met up with Keng Hui for her 22nd birthday dinner. She invited us to Amara Hotel, where she has been working for few years, for Korean food. All of us turned up, Leng Yee, Jin Pin, Subrina, Siew Geok and the mad girl Shu Yu. She is not very happy cos last night its not buffet. As long as its buffet, you will see her smiling from left to right. But the food is good, really nice especially the friend rice cake. Only thing was that the food is not cheap lor. I think the bill will definitely exceed $220/ for 9 persons.
I felt so bad cos I didn't go to Shu Yu, Subrina and Leng Yee's dinner. Last minute something came up so last night die die also have to meet them. Next will be Jin Pin and Siew Geok liao. I wonder how long will this gatherings go on? Its good to meet these old students once in a while. At the moment I have 3 regular groups: IQO: Lionel's group, IQP: Shu Yu's group and IQO: Yihong's group (But I think this one not counted, cos they graduated only in April 09).
Well, after all the good food, have to work very hard next week cos there's 2 CA, 1st and 2nd year one after another. Markings alone will go mad liao.
Anyway, last ngiht when I was having dinner, I was actually thinking of XiaoPing and her "date" with Zhang Dong Liang. I wonder how it went? Must be very crowded; can't wiat for her to pass me his album and autograph. Thanks a million for the help Xiao Ping, love you very very much!!!!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New term again!!!!!

2 days into the new term and I was really tired. After 3 weeks not speaking to the class, the throat need some warming up. As usual on the first day, most students like still in holiday mood, and CA is next week, even revision with them is so difficult. Well, look at the bright side, soon it will be exam and holidays again. (that will be 10 weeks later!!!!!)

During my 2 days' leave, besides bringing my mom out for lunch, I also went out with my husband. He brought me to Mustafah on Tuesday and I was like a "mountain tortise", so afraid to get lost in the shop. Its so huge and so many things to buy. I can stay there one day and not get tired. Anyway, we went there to change Taiwan money for my elder son who is going for holiday at end of July. Also to buy a shaver for my 2 dogs. Its to expensvie to send them to the pet shop to groom, so I will do it my self.
The puppy, Shinji is so scared of the shaver's sound that he yap even before I touched him. So have to use scissor to cut his fur, that took me one hour. So have to cut Benji on last Sunday. He was such an angel cos he had been to the pet shop before, he just let me shave him. After the fur cut, both look that they are of the same size.

9 more weeks to go for the term. Jia You, kambadeh!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 Days' leaves

Benji and Shinji

Gone on leave on Monday and Tuesday. Now leaves are so precious, cannot take a one shot unless I am going overseas.

Anyway, brought my mom out on Monday to Ding Tai Feng for lunch. There has her favourit Xiao Long Pao. Cos she fell 2 weeks ago so her right leg was painful. So I have to remind myself to walk slowly and wait for her. She is 86, I wonder how would I be when I reach this age?????

After lunch, brought her to J8 NTUC to buy some stuff. Now she can't go on a shopping spree like last time. Supermarket is the best thing for her cos she could use the trolley as her walking stick. She refuse to use any , you know lah, want face mah!!!!!

Tuesday, my husband brought me to Mustafah. I was like WOW!!! First time into this place I was like a child walking into a maze. Have to follow him closely so that I won't get lost. We went there to buy a shaver for my puppies. End up we also did some groceries shopping.

After that, spent almost one hour just to cut my puppy's fur. But he is so afraid of the shaver, I have no choice but to use scissor. Well, with all the fur gone, Shinji now looks like Benji. Will take a photo of him and upload to show all of you.

Today back to school, preparing for all the e-learning stuff just incase. And my IQP hor, told them to update their Bio data of the computer part, oly 14 did. Had to call them and remind them to do. Aiyo, think of this class can die loh!!!!!!!!

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